The Death of Windows ! ( Or How I embraced Linux ! )

Well, they have gone and done it, and for one I will not be running to load Vista anytime soon. Microsoft has painted itself into a corner and once again will be the Evil Forces of Mordor in my book. The Triad of RIAA, MPAA and Sony have done their dirty work and you will pay with your freedom if you buy Vista preloaded on a computer with the Vista supporting hardware. I am turning my new new laptop into a dual boot box to run Ububtu Linux. I will not have the forces on the Media Industry Shills telling me what to do and what I can watch and listen to on my personal laptop. If I sound a bit fired up, I am. My point is that the only way our personal freedoms will survive the next onslaught of DRM schemes by corporations trying to protect tired outdated cash cows is to remain hyper-vigilant and not only to make an effort to be heard through the web and other forums, but to vote with your pocket book. Don’t buy products from companies that actively scheme against your rights and see you the consumer as a criminal ! Sorry for the Soapbox Rant. My point is that I for one have decided to move as fast as possible to some flavor of Linux and Open Source. Microsoft has decided to go to bed with the wrong people and in the end our freedom to chose what we do over the web and how we choose it to do it is going to be lost.

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