Remixing has become very Very !

Remixing has become very prevalent in heavily synthesized electronic and experimental music circles. Many of the people who create cutting edge music in such genres as synthpop, futurepop, and aggrotech are solo artists or pairs. They will often use remixers to help them with skills or equipment that they do not have. Artists such as Delobbo and DJ Ram are sought out for their remixing skill and have impressive lists of collaborations, yet no solo albums. It is not uncommon for industrial bands to release albums which have half the songs as remixes. Indeed, there have been popular singles that have been expanded to an entire album of remixes by other well-known artists.

Some industrial groups allow, and often encourage, their fans to remix their music, notably Nine Inch Nails, whose website contains a list of downloadable songs that can be remixed using Apple Computer’s GarageBand software. Some artists have started releasing their songs in the U-MYX format, which allows the buyers to mix songs and share them on the U-MYX website.

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  1. Vesa July 15, 2007 at 6:31 pm #

    Some of my Faves of Rave and Remix:

    2 Unlimited – Tribal Dance (Revil O. RmX)
    3 Drives On A Vinyl – Greece 2000
    A.J.P. – Always in my heart (Andy Jay Powell vocal radio cut)
    A Force – Continental Chaos
    Above and Beyond – Far From in Love (radio edit)
    ACCUFACE – Locking On Target
    Accuface – Magnificent Circles
    Accuface – The Apprehendum (Original Mix)
    Accuface – Theme From Accuface
    Agenda – Destiny
    Agnelli & Nelson – Hudson Street
    Airheadz – Stanley
    Airheadz – Stanley (Kosmonova remix)
    Airheadz – Stanley (Wippenberg remix)
    Alibi – Eternity (Innercity Mix)
    Alphazone – Rockin (original mix)
    Alphazone – Rockin (mat silver vs. tony burt rmx)
    Anamorphic – Dream (Radio MiX)
    Andain – Beautiful Things (Cor Fijneman mix)
    Andy B – Imagination
    Aquagen – Saturn 8
    Aquagen – Strings Of Harmony
    Arrival Project, Smile feat Aura Project – ? ???????? ????? (Trance Vocal Rmx)
    Astral Projection Vs Trilithon – Burning Up (Voxless Mix)
    ATB Feat Wild Straw – Let U Go (Wippenberg Remix)
    Ayla – Angelfalls
    Ayla – Ayla (Veracocha mix)
    Ayla – Liebe 2003 (club mix 98)
    Ayla – Liebe 2003 (seikos remix)
    Ayla – Liebe 2003 (single edit)
    Ayla – Liebe 2003 (Uplifting mix)
    Ayumi Hamasaki – Dolls (future breeze remix)
    Ayumi Hamasaki – Far Away (Rank 1 rmx)
    Ayumi Hamasaki – M (Above & Beyond Typhoon Dub Vocal Mix)
    Ayumi Hamasaki – M (above and beyond instrumental)
    Ayumi Hamasaki – M (above and beyond typhoon dub mix)
    Ayumi Hamasaki – M (tectonic shift vs andre visior mix)
    Ayumi Hamasaki – M (van eyden vs morph rmx)
    Ayumi Hamasaki – Naturally (wippenberg remix)
    Ayumi Hamasaki – Never ever (decoy and dj bonka rmx)
    Ayumi Hamasaki – Voyage (dirt devils remix)
    Ayumi Hamasaki – We Wish (ramon zenker remix)
    Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Rank 1 Remix)
    Base 1 – Reality
    Blank & Jones – Desire (Bart Claessen aka Barthezz Movin Remix)
    Blank & Jones – Desire (Silverblue remix)
    Blank & Jones – Summer Sun (Nature One Edit)
    Blank and Jones – Summer sun (original mix)
    Blank and Jones – Summer sun (wellenrausch rmx)
    Blu Peter introd Tamra – Biological Responce
    Bonita – Show Me (Club Mix)
    BT & Way Out West – Paris
    BT – Flaming June (BT & PVD mix)
    Budapest pres C-Base – In The Beginning
    Budapest pres C-Base – In The Beginning (Aquaflex rmx)
    Budapest pres C-Base – In The Beginning (C-Base `Fuck Me I`m Famous` Rmx)
    C-Base – In The Beginning (C-Base Vs Nyc Club Mix)
    Candee Jay – If I Were You (New Kids On The Rave Remix)
    Cascade – Transcend
    Chakra – Home (Above & Beyond mix)
    Chakra – I Am (Above and Beyond Remix)
    Chakra – I Am (Space Brothers Rethink)
    Chakra – Love Shines Through (Space Brothers Mix)
    Coast 2 Coast feat Discovery – Home
    Coruscate – Sonic Impact
    Cosmic Dawn vs Fredrik MH – Postei (Club Mix)
    Dallas Superstars – Helium (js16 high energy mix)
    Darren Tate – Prayer For A God (original mix)
    Darude – Sandstorm
    Dave Joy – Second Chase (Alphazone Remix)
    Delerium – Truly (Signum club mix)
    Delerium feat Sarah McLachlan – the silence (dj tiesto rmx)
    Demo – Vremja Menjaet (Dj Cosmonauts radio trans rmx)
    Digital Pressure – Aftershokk (Alphazone Remix)
    Dino feat Anette – the One
    DJ Alpha – Life Goes On (Critical Mass Rmx)
    DJ Kim – Jetlag (Alphazone Remix)
    DJ Kim – Time And Space (Alphazone Remix)
    Dj Luka – From The Past Into The Future (Vectrex Mix)
    DJ Quicksilver – Ameno (Video Mix)
    DJ Quicksilver – Embrace
    Dj Quicksilver – File 1 (Equinoxe iv)(club mix)
    Dj Quicksilver – File 1 (Equinoxe iv)(Video edit)
    DJ Quicksilver – Lost At Sea
    DJ Quicksilver – New Life (Single Edit)
    DJ Quicksilver – Symphonica
    DJ Quicksilver – Voyage
    DJ Sakin & Friends – Protect Your Mind
    Dj Scot Project – Outer Space
    DJ Shah – High
    Dj Steve L – Forever (Extended Instrumental Club Mix) + (Extended Club Mix)
    DJ Tandu – Send Me An Angel
    DJ Tiesto – Sparkless
    DJ Tiesto – Urban Train (Wippenberg Remix)
    DJ Visage – the Return
    Dutch Force – Deadline
    Empyreal Sun – Intense Emotion
    Envio – Touched by the Sun (original mix)
    Equipe Revez – 25th Anniversary
    Escape – Nothing to Fear (promo vinyl)
    Escape – Solar Silence (promo vinyl)
    Euphonic – Far and Away (Alphazone remix)
    Eve@ – Heavenly
    Faithless – Why Go (Ferry Corsten mix)
    Ferry Corsten – Punk (Kid Vicious rmx)
    Fire and Ice – San Antonio
    Fragance – DON’T BREAK MY HEART (Alphazone Club Mix)
    Fragma – Time and Time Again (Duderstadt rmx)
    Fragma feat Maria Rubia – Everytime You Need Me (Above & Beyond mix)
    Franky Tunes – Creation
    Free Radical – Surreal (en motion rmx)
    Freejack II – No Promises
    GeeMotion feat Becci Rayne – Blue Angel (Original 12″ Mix)
    Green Court – Silent Heart (Wippenberg Remix)
    I Ching – The Forgotten Dream
    Ian Van Dahl – Try (Alphazone Remix)
    Iio – At the End (Fairlite Remix)
    Iio – Smooth (Airbase Remix)
    Infextious – Let me Fly (infextious radio edit)
    Insigma – Avalon (Midway Remix)
    Insigma – Insigma (club mix)
    Johan Claesson – Hooliganz On Acid
    John Askew – Skylab (Kyau vs Albert Remix)
    Junkie XL – B Y Whop Too Be Y
    Jurgen Vries – The Theme
    Jurgen Vries – The Wilderness (Cor Fijneman Remix)
    Jurgen Vries feat Cmc – The opera song’ brave new world
    Kai Tracid – Tiefenrausch
    Kid Viscious – Re-form (Tiesto RmX)
    Kyau vs Albert feat Damae – Velvet Morning (Mirco de Govia Rmx)
    Lady tom – It`s a Dream
    Lange feat Sky – Drifting Away
    Lee Haslam – Music Is The Drug (Mech Gear Remix)
    Lightforce – Join Me
    Liquid Child – Return to Atlantis
    Luis Paris – Incantation (ferry corsten & robert smit rmx)
    Luis Paris – Incantation (Original Mix)
    M1 – Heaven Sent (Michael Woods Club Mix)
    M1 – Heaven Sent (Michael Woods Vox Mix)
    M1 – Heaven Sent (Radio Edit)
    Madelyne – Deeper Love (4 strings mix)
    Madonna – What it Feels Like For a Girl (above and beyond 12″ club mix)
    Man With No Name – Sugar Rush
    Mario Lopez – Alone (vince the saint idol rmx)
    Mario Lopez – Feel So Good (Paul ‘n’Johnsen Club Mix)
    Master Beats – Flying To The Moon (main edit)
    Mekka – Diamondback (original)
    Mellow Trax – Out of Space 2k (Sagitaire mix)
    Mind One feat Rena – Star For Me (Vocal Mix)
    Moon Project – Moments Are Forever (original)
    Ocean Wave – Velvet
    Oceanforce – Euphonic Dream (Free Radical remix)
    Oceanlab – Beautiful together (signum remix)
    Oyster – Paradise (Club Mix)
    Ozone – Rock (original mix)
    Paffendorf – Crazy, Sexy, Marvellous (Driftwood Remix)
    Paul Oakenfold – El Nino (matt dorey 12″ mix)
    Paul van Dyk – Another Way
    Paul Van Dyk feat hemstock and jennings – Nothing But You (Faithless Remix)
    Phil Dinner – Elements of summer
    Planet Perfecto – Bullet in the Gun
    PPK – Russian Trance
    Pulsedriver – Your Spirit Is Shining
    Quatra – The Truth
    Quest – C Sharp
    R.P.S. – Trip 2 UK (Blue Mix)
    RadioTrance – Serenade
    Rank 1 – Airwave
    Rank 1 – Breathing-Airwave (Full Vocal Clubb mix)
    Rank 1 – Symsonic (Instrumental)
    Rank 1 – True Love Never Die
    Rapid Decompression – Stay With Me (Marques Alternative X-Tended MiX)
    Recollect – Must Be Music (original edit)
    Rhythm of Life – You Put Me In Heaven With Your Touch
    Ron Hagen & Pascal M – Forever
    Ron hagen & pascal m – forever (mea culpa remix)
    Ron Hagen & Pascal M – On Stream (Original Mix)
    Safri Duo Meets Ayla – Sunrise
    Sancho & Pancho – Living Without You (Club MiX)
    Sancho & Pancho – Living Without You (Trance MiX)
    Savon feat Andy Jay Powell – Children of Paradise
    Savon feat Andy Jay Powell – Children Of Paradise (Love Mix)
    Shane 54 – Equinoxe 4 (Mat Silver vs Tony Burt Remix)
    Silverblue – Do You Know (Instrumental)
    Soulsearcher – Spente Le Stelle
    Stimulator – Play (Original Mix)
    Svenson & Gielen feat Jan Johnston – Beachbreeze (Orig Vocal Mix)
    Svenson & Gielen Feat Simi Nah – Unknown Pleasure
    Swan vs Luvdup – Sunshine
    Sylver – Turn The Tide [CJ Stone Remix]
    System F – Cry (Dot NL Mix)
    System F – Out Of The Blue
    System F – Spread Your Wings
    System F – Together (radio edit)
    Tekara feat. Lucy Cotter – Breathe In You
    The Conductor And The Cowboy – Feeling This Way
    Threesome – Mohave
    Thumb Brothers feat Marilyn – Into The Sun
    Tilt – Invisible
    Trancehead – Sundown
    Tranquility Base – Razorfish (Above & Beyond Bangin Mix)
    Transa – Astro Dawn
    Transa – Transtar
    TransFormator – Starwave 2003
    Tukan – Light A Rainbow (Wippenberg Remix)
    Vengaboys – Cheekah Bow Bow (transa rmx)
    Veracocha – Carte Blanche
    Veracocha – Carte Blanche (kenny hayes rmx)
    Veracocha – Carte Blanche (original mix)
    Veracocha – Carte Blanche (original rmx)
    Veracocha – Carte Blanche (radio edit)
    Veracocha – Carte Blanche (Technikal Remix)
    Verzus – Horizon
    Verzus – Horizon (Sunshine Radio Edit)
    Verzus – Renewed Energy [DJ Dee Moonlight Mix]
    VerZus – Renewed Energy (sunrise radio edit)
    Warrior – Warrior
    Way Out West – Mindcircus (Fred Numf vs Etienne Overdijk MiX)
    Webdrivers – Spirit Of Virtuality
    X-odus feat Xan – I`m in Love Again (Lange Original Mix)
    Yahel & Eyal Barkan – Voyage
    ? ????? & ??????? – ?????? ??? ?????? (Panoramic mix)
    ?????????? – ???? (Radiotrance Remix)

    …….::::::::::Euro Trance Anthems By Me::::::::::…….
    ?? ??? ?????? – ?????? ???? ????? ?????????? ???? ?????? ? ??????? !!!
    { ????????? ?????????? 26.01.04 // Last update: 26 Jan 2004 }

    2 Unlimited – Tribal Dance (Revil o. rmx)
    Accuface – 9 O`Clock
    ACCUFACE – Is There Life On Mars
    Alex C feat Yasmin K – Angel of darkness (watergate rmx)
    Aquagen – Destination Dance
    Aquagen – Face off
    Aquagen – Saturn 8
    Astroline – Close My Eyes (Peter Luts Rmx)
    ATB – I Wanna Cry
    Ayumi Hamasaki – Depend on you (Svenson & Gielen remix)
    Ayumi Hamasaki – Depend On You (Svenson & Gielen Instrumental Remix)
    Ayumi Hamasaki – Independent (cyber nation remix)
    Ayumi Hamasaki – We Wish (ramon zenker remix)
    Bad Boyz Dj Team – Enola (xtd mix)
    Bad Boyz Dj Team – Rock the Mic
    Blank & Jones – Desire (Accuface Remix)
    Blank & Jones – Desire (Bart Claessen aka Barthezz Movin Remix)
    Blank & Jones – Desire (Short Cut)
    Breezze – Ready For Love [Radio Edit]
    Candee Jay – If I Were You (New Kids On The Rave Remix)
    Candee Jay – If I Were You (Pronto and Kalmani Vocal Remix)
    Casteam – Holiday Time (KlubbMastaz Rmx)
    Chiara – Nowhere to run (Remix) !!!
    Clan DJ Team – The Groove Has Changed (Club Mix)
    Clubringer Feat. Jenny – Like A Wind [Original Mix]
    Clubringer feat Kasia Lesing – Sound of my dream (Dj Speed rmx)
    Decay – Last day on earth (club mix)
    Dj Digress – Nightsystem (Club Mix)
    Dj Gert – Give Me Some More [Mr Bishi Timeless Mix]
    DJ Jurgen – Angels (atb mix)
    DJ Jurgen – Higher & Higher (Dutch Force Rmx)
    Dj Krid Kid Vs Dj T-Rob – Cosmic Fusion (Full Vox Edit)
    Dj Krid Kid Vs Dj T-Rob – Mellow Dive [Clubmix] 8:30 192
    Dj Rad Feat Zoe – Come Home
    DJ Sakin & Friends – PROTECT YOUR MIND
    Dj Sammy & Yanou – The Blue
    DJ SAMMY & YANOU FEAT DO – HEAVEN (Green Court Remix)
    DJ Sammy – Boys Of Summer (Green Court Remix)
    Dj Scotty – Dreamland
    Dj Shog – Another World (Extended Mix)
    Dj Tom – The Message (Radio Edit)
    Dj Toxic – Secret Melody
    DJs @ Work – Time 2 Wonder (extended)
    Dogma – Du brennst immer noch in mir (Yanou Club Rmx)
    Double Team – Fire In The Sky [Radio Version]
    Dune – Rainbow to the stars 2003 (dj janis remix)
    Eyeopener – Open Your Eyes (flip n fill rmx)
    Final Fantasy – You`re My Angel (Club Mix)
    Flip and Fill – Field of dreams (usual suspect mix)
    Flip And Fill – True Love Never Dies (Rob Searle Remix)
    General Base – Base of love (extended version)
    Halo – Say You Will (Pulsedriver Club Mix)
    Ian Van Dahl – Will I
    ICQ – Without You
    Infextious – Let me fly (infextious radio edit)
    Joee – Angel 2004 [Das Beat Remix]
    Joee – Question of Time
    Kosmonova – Heavens Gate
    LA Project feat Yana Kay – Falling into you
    LA Project feat Yana Kay – Loveland
    Lightforce – Fantasy (Promo)
    Luca Antolini – Life Is A Mistery (Hard Trance Vocal Mix)
    Mario Lopez – Alone
    Mario Lopez – Feel So Good (Original Mario Lopez Club Mix)
    Mario Lopez – Feel So Good (Paul ‘n’Johnsen Club Mix)
    Mario Lopez – Feel So Good (Paul ‘n’Johnsen Radio Version)
    Mario Lopez – Feel So Good (William Hawk Vs Mario Lopez Club Rmx)
    Mario Lopez – Feel So Good (William Hawk Vs Mario Lopez Radio Rmx)
    Mario Lopez – Free Your Mind
    Mario Lopez – Free Your Mind (Classixx Radio Mix)
    Mario Lopez – The Answer Is You (Short Cut)
    Mario Lopez – You`re the one
    Mental Theo – Revolution (Accuface Remix)
    Milk Inc – Land Of The Living
    Milk Inc – Oceans (Pulsedriver remix)
    Milk Inc – Walk On Water (Peter Luts Mix)
    Moonwalker – Such A Shame (Kosmonova Club Mix)
    Mythos ‘n’ Dj Cosmo – Unchained melody
    Neo Cortex – Elements 2004 (club mix)
    Noemi – Summer Ends
    Noemi – When Angels Kiss (Noemi Mix)
    Nu Circles – What You Need (Tonight)
    Orion Too – Hope & Wait
    Paffendorf – crazy sexy marvellous (jan wayne rmx)
    QFX – Freedom (Voodoo & Serano Mix)
    R.A.G.E. – Move On [DJ Exelios Mix]
    Radiotrance – Palevo (Russian Vocal Version)
    Rollergirl – Dear Jessie (Green Court mix)
    Rollergirl – Dear Jessie (liquid child pacific mix)
    Safri Duo – Baya Baya (future breeze mix)
    Safri Duo Meets Ayla – Sunrise
    Scott Brown – I Would Stay (Cj Stone Mix)
    Second Run – Seasons in the Sun (club mix)
    Seven – Spaceman Came Travelling (noemi rmx)
    Silverblue – Do You Know (Vocal)
    Starsplash – Risin
    SubLiner – Show Me The Way
    Sunstorm – Fable (Accuface Vs Norman Freeman Vocal Club Mix)
    Sylver – Turn The Tide [CJ Stone Remix]
    TJ Feat Eve D Loren – Loops, God & Fire (Jordan & Baker Rmx)
    Trinity – Everytime We Touch (Extended Version)
    Tukan – When You Hear The Silence
    Tyfoon – Promised Land (Radio Mix)
    Velvet – China In Your Hands (Yanou Remix)
    Vitamin T feat Sam – In the Name of Love
    Vizion – Dream (Extended Mix)
    Xtm Feat Annia – 74’75 (2003 Remix)
    Ziria – The Summer

    …….::::::::::House Anthems By Me::::::::::…….
    ?? ??? ?????? – ?????? ???? ?????????? ???? ?????? ? ??????? !!!
    ? ??????? ???????:{???????? ??? ?????????} ? {?????, ?? ??????? ????????? ???? ????} ??????????????.
    666 – Get Up 2 Da Track , Paradoxx {Mandy, Karin, Ren?, Marc, Fabian}
    Groove Gangsters – Funky Beats
    Pitcher – Drink
    Bossi – Time 2 Make The Floor Burn(Kosmonova Dream Mix)
    Dj Phantasma – Welcome 2 The Club {Tommy Schleh, Enrico Zabler, Lukas Cordalis}
    Adrima – 4 Love (Bad House Club MiX)
    Dj Supreme – Wildstyle
    Mutabor – Regressive (step back)
    Kike Jaen – Urban Chime`97
    Object One – Ping-Pong
    Dj Hookman & Many More feat. Base Of Drum – Calinca
    Ham & Eggs – The Great Song Of Indifference (Maxi Mix)
    Tuscany – Move Ya
    Dj Rene & Da Groove – Let`s Get Movin`
    Scooter – Fire (D.O.N.S. Burn Rubber RmX)
    Sidewinder – Mindsensation
    HeGrail – Tell Me
    Kosmonova – Free
    Dj Jean – U Got My Love
    Opus 808 – Winter
    Loving Loop – Listen 2 That Fat Bass
    D.O.N.S. – Jack 2 The Sound Of Underground (RmX)
    Kay Cee – Like This {Oliver Huntemann}
    Paralyzer – Bip Bip Bop
    Dj Priest – I Pray
    Alice DeeJay – I Can See (See It In Your Eyes) {Dennis van der Driesschen
    + Johan Gielen + Kalmani + Pronti + Sven Maes + Wessel van
    Triplex – !Action (Get Up)
    Rollergirl – Dear Jessie
    Pat Jam – Master & Slave (666 Attack Mix)
    Kadoc – Rock the Bells
    Leonardo Di Kaprio – Santiago (Club MiX)
    Tank – Can U Feel The Bass?
    Dj Red 5 – Que Pasa
    future breeze – smile (future smile mix)
    agenda – destiny
    chiara – nowhere 2 run
    dj jurgen – better of alone (signum mix) {Jurgen Rijkers}
    vengaboys – kiss (dj jean rmx)
    dj ivan scratchin` – scratchin` garage
    greed – pump up the volume {Jon Pearm + Mike Gray}
    porn kings – time 2 move
    sash! – mysterious times
    the soundlovers – surrender
    t-spoon – boomi boomi
    snack – overdose
    dj jose vs G-Spott – wrong is right {Spotsound Records}
    porn kings feat. young mc – busiest rhymes
    porn kings – up 2 no good
    porn kings vs. dj supreme – up 2 the wildstyle
    S.S.P. – muzica bella
    sash – ecuador
    Sequential One – My Love Is Hot {Andre Tannenberger + Ulrich Poppelbaum}
    the Grid – Texas Cowboys, Diablo
    Moby – bodyrock (olav basovski`s funk rmx)
    the ones – flawless
    armand van helden – koochy
    leftfield feat. Africa Bambaataa – africa shox {Neil Barnes+Paul Daley+Kevin
    Donovan{aka Africa Bambaataa}}
    Dj Rpm – Bring That Beat {cover on 740 boys}
    Pedro Del Mar – Harder!
    BOSSDRUM – Beat Is Pumpin`
    Aquagen Feat. Rozalla – Everybody`s Free (Extended Mix)
    4 Clubbers – Together (Club Mix)
    Aquagen Feat. Rozalla – Everybody`s Free (Extended Mix) {Dos Or Die}
    Aquagen – Hard To Say I’m Sorry (Extended Mix)[2002 mix]
    Mauro Picotto – Back To Cali (G Spott Rmx)
    Sash – Ganbareh
    666 – Rhythm Takes Control (666 In The Mix)
    Axel Konrad – H.e.a.r.t. Beat
    DJ Mystik – Living in Cyberspace
    Blank & Jones – Cream (ATB Rmx)
    Mauro Picotto – Ultimahora Ibiza
    Angel City – Love Me Right
    DJ NRGITE – Be Louder
    Hampton The Hampster – The Hampsterdance Song
    Basement Jaxx – Bad you’r
    Mateo and Matos – Discocide
    Elecrochemie LK – When I rock
    Dj Gordon – Moonshine Boogie
    Who Da Funk feat. Jessica Eve – Shiny Disco Balls (Subrusa/Cream)
    Underworld – Cowgirl (Beadrock RmX)

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