Rave Story – New Hot Book from the UK !

Rave Story – The Birth of a Nation

A sensational, action packed new book called Rave Story has recently rocketed up from the streets of London and is quickly securing its place on the best seller list. Rave Story is based upon the true story and life memoirs of record producer, entrepreneur and club owner Otiz F. Angel and his meteoric rise from the ghettos of London to success as an international performer and businessman. As well as shedding light on the history of Rave culture, the clubbing scene and the origins of various genres of electronic dance music, this book comes from a different perspective as it also takes the reader on an emotional journey through the turbulence of the author’s stormy life.

Although at the outset seemingly a quagmire of violence, sex, drugs, horrifying events and traumatic experiences, by the end an astonishing reversal leaves the reader uplifted and in a positive state of mind.

The author’s style moves between first and third person, dramatising and accentuating pivotal events inside the book by telling the story from more than one point of view.

Like other titles such ‘This is Not A Rave’, and movies like ‘Go!’ and ‘Rise: The Story Of Rave Outlaw Disco Donnie’, Rave Story dishes the dirt on rave parties, ecstasy pills, weed, clubs, festivals, and some of the other drugs found at the fringes of party culture, but never seeks to glamorise, only to inform. Coupled with its insightful views on the history of house music, the book has been attracted praise from many influential people within dance culture and beyond.


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