Cosmopolitan ****: “…Heading to Ibiza , don’t take off without this, part chill-out, part trance, but all still amazing…”

Star **** (3 Sept 2007): “…sian evans’ voice has never sounded more powerful and versatile … great for pre-club warm-up or post-bash comedown. verdict: kosher…”

M8 – 7/8 (Aug 07): “When you come up with as many perfectly structured beginning-middle-end songs and instantly hooky choruses as these guys not much else matters. Sian Evans’ voice hovers between Joni Mitchell and Annie Lennox … these are timeless genre-defying songs that grab the heart…”

Glamour Magazine (Aug 07): “… a dark, sinister edge … evokes images of deserted beaches at midnight… Try it if you like Massive Attack, Faithless & Tracey Thorn”

DJ Mag. (Aug 07): “Sian Evans’ vocals are as potent as always and Decoder & Substance wrap their song structures around some rolling grooves and slick dance production with conviction … their finest work to date… their many admirers won’t be disappointed.”  Link

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