Josh Wink – “Higher State of Consciousness”

Well here I go, ripping something else off the pages of GBH.TV, but again, it was sent to me by my friend Ross Von Berg.

Thank you Ross, now I only wish those folks over at GBH.TV would resolve some of their server bandwidth issues so I can watch the videos without the music being broken up. You listening out there GBH.TV ?

Josh Wink – “Higher State of Consciousness

Now this is unexpected. The last time we heard anything from Josh Wink, he was making minimal-ish techno records that people sort of liked, and doing minimal-ish techno DJ sets that people often liked, and now…he’s reissuing singles he put out ten years ago? Good for him, we guess…

It’s only appropriate that Wink’s people got him a video to match this change, too. We’re not sure who directed this, but something tells us he/she/it is part of whatever apparatus made all those titillation-crazy videos for Armand Van Helden and such. That, or two different directors use a lot of the same models.

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