Happening Disco !


Sparks ……a very very happening disco in the very down to earth city Kansas City . Well atleast it was a very very happening disco. I remember …..my friends and me …we used to die to go there. It was such a posh place. I wonder why it has gone so dry.

When given a choice between Dublin and Sparks ….I had always wanted to be in sparks. You could get to see the who -is-who of the crowd n have a lovely time with the music. Soon they even started inviting the various famous djs from around the country.

From the feel good music to the Hip-hop and Trance….everything was happening n good. But then every weekend it became a routine….I could start listing the songs that would play next. That sort of got it boring. They ought to change the pace n flow everytime ….thats what would be credited as a good DJ.

The in-house dj…Chubby ….nice guy ……..just recently lost his virginity .,…..or so was announced at the saturday night party.

Sparks is located in the very famous HOTEL SAVERA and goes on until around 4 in the morning. Till either the dj is drained out or the crowd disappears. Its a wonderful place if ur going there for the first time ……..as a routine …I could say u’ll get bored. They have majorly shifted to Hip-hop and Trance ……….so if that the kinda music you are into …..u’ll like it a li’l more than I do ….but nevertheless u’ll get bored soon enough. Else all is good. The drinks are lovely I can say.

The best part about sparks is that its one of the very few economical discos in chennai……here your entry fee covers for your drinks …its about 400/- a couple and you could blow that up in drinking.that another reason most of the college crowd goes there.

The ambience is pretty neat. I would say the dance floor is small ……but the mirrors along the dance floor high-light the enthusiasm of those dancing ……..you can see a lotta lone-dancers ……..who prefer being their own partners with their mirror images…hehe!!

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