Go Go Girls needed in Bulgary for the upcoming fall season 2007/2008.


I found this ridiculous ad by doing a search for holiday disco. Anyone out there want to go to be a ‘image models and female gogo dancers’ for the 2007-2008 season, here is your chance !

Young free-lancers press-agents organization FRANK PINTO is looking for image models and female gogo dancers on Bulgary for the upcoming fall season 2007/2008.

All girls who want to be a part of the seasonable experience discos in Milan as on the other north of Italy big town and on Tessin area (CH)
must be aged between 18 and 25. It will be preferred for the girls to show them with earlier dancing attitude, trendy way of dressing for gogo dancers
or elegant and fashionable way about image models. Being professional dancer is not mandatory but simpathy, charmy, social is required.
Not accepted application about girls with heavy drink attitude and any other unregular behaviours at all.

All dancer’s expenses will be covered.Dancers will have to stay out on working one month at least.
They will have to work five or six day at the week, depending on discoteque needed and not just for a single place.

Girls will agree to make either image models as gogo dancing will be preferred.

Net pay rate for every gogo dancing/ image working night will be 80Euro for each girl.
Pay day will be every Sunday afternoon for free-lance gogo girls while it has to be defined later in the matter of agency agreement.
Possibility to have Front-money at the time of arriving here in Italy to begin to work.

If interested send URGENTLY fully filled profile and high quality ( but not heavy ) picture files to the following email address:


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