GBH: The Rub DJs on Rotation-Elhaam Guest DJs

GBH – Friday July 20 at Lotus
GBH: The Rub DJs on Rotation – Upstairs

Come and hear some of the finest music in the city, drink, dance and soak up the opulence of your surroundings at the lovely Lotus this Friday night.

In the main room, We’ll be bringing in some special guest DJs for the upstairs room this week, keeping you on your toes with the usual mix of hip-hop, disco, funk and R&B…
Hosted by Alejandro GBH, Jeanette, Ruben & Noel, Mike DeGuzman and Avi.

Meanwhile, at the Loaded party in the downstairs lounge, Michael T. and Melody Nelson will be playing some good, solid electro, rock’n’roll, ’80s new wave and party jams. Hosted by Amanda Lepore, Miranda Moondust, Nico XO!, and Daniel Barbosa. This week, Elhaam will be guest DJing.

Loaded Drinks Specials (available downstairs only):
$7 PBR & Shot
$5 Beers 3AM-4AM

Pictures by Drinks Specials.

Free on the Loaded guest list click here

Doors Open 10pm. 21+ w/I.D.
Lotus: 409 W14th St. between 9th & 10th Ave.s

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