Fun with FAtal Fetish


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I found this site on the web through a Flickr encounter. Though I would put it up to give them some free PR.


Last night was really fun despite the lack of audience. There was a couple who was seriously into s/m and she was his slave, so she had to beg on her knees for everything that she wanted to have me do to her. He would keep her at the edge of the stage on her knees watching me dance.
We started slow playing and taunting her with the violet wand. If you never played with one, they send mild electrical shocks through your skin. It is both exciting and scary at high voltage. We moved on to bigger toys. She asked me to flog her, but she had said she had a request- watch out for her new brands. Her brands were recently burned into the top two cheeks of her ass. So, she showed them to me by slowly lifting up her black vinyl skirt that was barely covering her anyways.

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