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Hottub – “4 Lokos Only” Video

Music Video
Hottub – “4 Lokos Only”

Ever wonder what happened to electro hip-hop? It was making a lot of headway about five years ago, but it suddenly seemed to fade away… Well, it hasn’t completely gone quite just yet. Get your low-brow thrills courtesy of Hottub with a video for Mochipet’s remix of their trashy tribute to the late alcoholic energy beverage…

Hottub “4 Lokos Only” (@HottubMusic)
Remixed by Mochipet (@MochipetMobile)
Directed and Edited …

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Cory Doctorow

I am not in a position or qualified to write anything meaningful about Cory Doctorow other than my humble opinion, which is “This guys gets it !”

He understands what is happening in the ‘online world’ relative to IP, Content, copyright, law, and the future of the Web and the Internet.


Cory Doctorow  is a science fiction novelist, blogger and technology activist. He is the co-editor of the popular weblog Boing Boing (, and …

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Mike Masnick on Techdirt Nails it !

Been following TechDirt for a few years now, and I believe he is square on the money on this one !

Techdirt founder Mike Masnick has followed the twists and turns of the digital music debate for more than a decade, offering some of the most prescient and lucid information and arguments on the topic anywhere. Today he tackles growing calls for a voluntary music-licensing scheme, pushed most recently by Warner Music Group to universities,

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The RIAA-Systematic thievery-Simon Napier-Bell

The life and crimes of the music biz

Life and times: Simon Napier-Bell

The record industry is careering towards meltdown. A good thing too, says Simon Napier-Bell, after 40 years of working with its most notorious moguls:

Everyone had the same story. ‘Systematic thievery,’ said the Dixie Chicks in their writ against Sony. ‘Intentionally fraudulent,’ claimed US music lawyer Don Engel.”

“For 50 years the major labels have thought of themselves as guardians of the …

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Rob Garza-Thievery Corporation-DJs – Dust Galaxy Live


Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation) DJs & Dust Galaxy Live
GBH & Giant Step Present: ESL Night – Friday Nov 16 at Hiro Ballroom

Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation (one of the most celebrated names in electronic music) has a new band – They are called Dust Galaxy and they have exceeded all our expectations. Just really really good. We are hearing shades of Happy Mondays, Kula Shaker, Primal Scream, Stone Roses and even Velvet Underground…. …

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Holly Dolly (Levas Polka group Loituma)

Holly Dolly made this Finnish song Levas Polka by the

They are singing in Finnish, but the Savo dialect.

This is a newer and funkier version of Levas Polka. Holly Dolly is the animated donkey girl.

This Holly Dolly – Levas Polka became a hit 2006.
And now she has made many songs: Ciao Ciao Goodbye, Don’t Worry Be Happy, La Isla Bonita……

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DJ Michael Cavadias

Trashion – Wednesday July 25 – Upstairs at Marquee
with DJ Michael Cavadias (a.k.a. Lily of the Valley) & Alex English.

Free on the Guest List!!!

Come and join us for our weekly Trashion party, upstairs at Marquee – where downtown kids meet the uptown fashionistas for some drinking, dancing and, possibly, and exchange of wardrobe tips.

DJs Alex English, Lily of the Valley and guests spin rock’n’roll, electro, new wave and classics.

Your delectable …

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GBH: The Rub DJs on Rotation-Elhaam Guest DJs

GBH – Friday July 20 at Lotus
GBH: The Rub DJs on Rotation – Upstairs

Come and hear some of the finest music in the city, drink, dance and soak up the opulence of your surroundings at the lovely Lotus this Friday night.

In the main room, We’ll be bringing in some special guest DJs for the upstairs room this week, keeping you on your toes with the usual mix of hip-hop, disco, funk and …

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