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Gilberto Gil


Gilberto Gil

Signon Sandiego

For decades a champion of technology, the singer has invited the public to record and broadcast his music over the Internet when he performs at the club. He also will have a camera crew film the concert and later post it online. During his North American tour he will be promoting his latest album “Banda Larga Cordel” (“Broadband Cordel”), featuring plenty of MPB (musica popular brasileira).


Gil sings with his

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The Cool Kids, Yuksek, Fluo Kids, Brodinski


The Cool Kids, Yuksek, Fluo Kids, Brodinski… 33Hz… Bass Ale Open Bar… Free with RSVP
Thursday Sept 13 at Hiro Ballroom

How ridiculously trendy and cutting edge can one night at Hiro Ballroom really be? We don’t know how this happened, but somehow the bookings for this night got a little out of control, and we now find ourselves with a free party featuring:
* a performance from buzzworthy electro-hip-hop crew The Cool Kids (“exciting… …

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: DJ Eleven of The Rub


GBH – Friday July 27 at Lotus
GBH: DJ Eleven of The Rub – Upstairs
Loaded: Michael T. & Melody Nelson… Elhaam Guest DJs – Downstairs

Come and hear some of the finest music in the city, drink, dance and soak up the opulence of your surroundings at the lovely Lotus this Friday night.

In the main room, DJ Eleven of The Rub will be spinning a mix of hip-hop, disco, funk and R&B……

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the norm in modern dance music

Remixes have become the norm in modern dance music, allowing one song the ability to appeal across many different musical genres or dancefloors. Such remixes often include “featured” artists, adding new vocalists or musicians to the original mix. The remix is also widely used in hip-hop and rap music. An R&B remix usually has the same music as the original song but has added or altered verses that are rapped or sung by the featured …

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Remixing has become very Very !

Remixing has become very prevalent in heavily synthesized electronic and experimental music circles. Many of the people who create cutting edge music in such genres as synthpop, futurepop, and aggrotech are solo artists or pairs. They will often use remixers to help them with skills or equipment that they do not have. Artists such as Delobbo and DJ Ram are sought out for their remixing skill and have impressive lists of collaborations, yet no solo …

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rise of powerful home computers

In the 1990s, with the rise of powerful home computers with audio capabilities came the mash-up, an unsolicited, unofficial (and often legally dubious) remix created by “underground remixers” who edit two or more recordings (often of wildly different songs) together. Underground mixing is more difficult than the typical official remix, because clean copies of separated tracks such as vocals or individual instruments are usually not available to the public. Some artists (such as Björk and …

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extended mixes

Early pop remixes were fairly simple; in the 1980s, “extended mixes” of songs were released to clubs and commercial outlets on vinyl 12-inch singles. These typically had a duration of six to seven minutes, and often consisted of the original song with 8 or 16 bars of instruments inserted, often after the second chorus; some were as simplistic as two copies of the song stitched end to end. As the cost and availability of new …

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