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Online Music – the changing and coverging forces.

I have returned to this music blog – I have been neglecting it an many of my other sites.  I follow the music industry quite closely – ans have fo a while.  So I have decided to relite this and other site to post issues that interest me in the online music scene.

I built this site more as a device and a test bed, but now that it has been index well in the …

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Maurice Peterson, Starcatcher at Rumpy’s, Lenox Mass

my true adverntures with the stars
and the songs they sing
part two

Don’t miss this return engagement of last year’s Standing Room Only hit!
Maurice Peterson tells more juicy stories of his personal encounters with the superstars
including Cher, Barbra Streisand, Robert Redford, Lionel Hampton, Lisa Left Eye, Eartha Kitt, Joan Collins, Beyoncé and more A-list celebrities,
and sings the songs they made famous.
featuring special guest stars: Berkshire Idol winner, Catie …

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Rave Story – New Hot Book from the UK !

Rave Story – The Birth of a Nation

A sensational, action packed new book called Rave Story has recently rocketed up from the streets of London and is quickly securing its place on the best seller list. Rave Story is based upon the true story and life memoirs of record producer, entrepreneur and club owner Otiz F. Angel and his meteoric rise from the ghettos of London to success as an international performer and businessman. …

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The Next Wave in Social Networking Is Here

Aspiring Emcees and CEOs – The Next Wave in Social Networking Is Here

New York, NY (November 1, 2007) – There’s been a deluge of MySpace wannabe’s that have come and gone in the last two years. While the names aren’t really worth mentioning here, their legacy is. It’s through their failures that a new kind of industry has emerged – API., a transferable social network from MTV, and Google’s OpenSocial are both built …

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Did The Radiohead Business Model Win?

New York, NY (November 6, 2007) – No one was sure what was going to happen when Radiohead announced that it would be selling it’s new album “In Rainbows” directly through their website as strictly a digital download. Some thought it’s October 10th release would be a financial windfall for the band, with a dedicated fanbase showing up in droves to support the new business model. Others were skeptical, though, placing little faith in people’s …

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Hot Hot Heat- New Album- Happiness LTD


This week, Hot Hot Heat (who are releasing their new album “Happiness LTD.” Sept. 11 on Sire Records) are coming to lotus to celebrate (after performing earlier in the night on Conan O Brien)… and Dustin from the band will be deejaying for us…
Plus we are hosting the Fashion Show After Party for Jose Duran (1805).

Upstairs in the main room, DJ Eleven of The Rub will be spinning a mix of hip-hop, disco, …

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Breaking News ! Deezer streaming Music !


The French website has struck a deal with the SACEM (the French equivalent to the RIAA) and is now legally providing Internet users around the world with more than 100,000 full songs, streamed on demand and without restrictions. “Like Pandora on steroids.” (Lifehacker) Search for songs, create playlists, randomly stream songs or listen to the top 10 in the US and UK. Though Deezer will not have every song you search for, it does …

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New Digital Music Venture / MTV and Real Networks

Ta expect a significantly different, more successful result from mtv when dis ya move can reasonably looked at as di latest salvo from di music pairing “seems” like it would make sense, di cable network—now mostly early intel on di announcement includes no mention of apple’s itunes, so reported universal music’s decision ta roll out its own drm-free digital find out if di mtv/realnetworks marriage will produce drm-free tunes as as obvious as it might …

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