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NFK / No Future Krew

Found em on Flickr !
Confirmed New Viral Madness on YouTube. These guys are SERIOUS !Tokyo bikers tear the stripes off the streets.No Future Krew is a group of bikers that puts all the B.S. aside to ride.

link to YouTube
link to flickr


click the above photograph for the link to the No Future Krew Video Player on this site. NFK ROCKS !!!!…

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Retro Super Future


So I checks into me Flickr mail box, and I gets this mail from some chick by the name of RetroSuperFuture. So it looks like some lame ass hook to get me to spend lots of hard earned lucre for expensive cheap sunglasses ! So I bite, and go to one of one of the cheesiest websites this side of planet myspace.

Its so bad, I thinks to meself, this has got to be …

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Folksonomy / Web 2.0

“There is a revolution happening on the Internet that is alive and building momentum with each passing tag”

Something I have been looking to articulate to people in my job quest that has come from directly from my recent conceptual leap in seeing the possible future how people interact with the web. Ellyssa Kroski offers a well researched and brilliant piece on her blog InfoTangle. In this piece she really hits the high points …

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