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Pete Rock-Frank White-Michael T.-Melody Nelson-Rock’n’Roll-’80s-New Wave


Top Billin’ at Lotus – Friday November 16
Upstairs: Pete Rock & Frank White
Downstairs: Michael T. & Melody Nelson play Rock’n’Roll, ’80s & New Wave

This week at Lotus:

Upstairs in the main room, Hip Hop Legend Pete Rock will be spinning, joined by Frank White…

Meanwhile, at the Loaded party in the downstairs lounge, Michael T. and Melody Nelson will be playing some rock’n’roll, electro, ’80s new wave and party jams.
Hosted by …

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Michael T. & Melody Nelson play Rock’n’Roll, ’80s & New Wave


GBH at Lotus – Friday November 9
Upstairs: The Rub on Rotation DJ Residency
Downstairs: Michael T. & Melody Nelson play Rock’n’Roll, ’80s & New Wave

Come and join us at one of the longest-running parties in the city – our Friday night knees-up at Lotus. This night has been going on so long, it will soon be allowed to buy cigarettes.

Upstairs in the main room, The Rub on Rotation residency continues, with one …

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Exposed ! Playing Music Slows Vista Network Performance !


Things are not looking good for Microsoft’s Vista, especially when it comes to listening to music and surfing the web at the same time. Slashdot Link.

It uses the microphone to detect echo from your head. This starts with the first approximation that your head is symmetrical, smooth, and round. If the echo shows any sign of left/rigth asymmetry, it brings in the next layer of feedback control by simulating a rotated ovoid head, and …

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Who Let the Cat of the Bag and Mpeg3

Remember when mpeg was still in its early stages and the Recording Industry Association of America was still battling each other to figure out how come up with a standardized digital file format ? Then along came mpeg3, Netscape, Internet 1.0 the multimedia capable PC and the beginnings of Napster, leading to P2P networks. So now that the traditional model of distributing content has been turned on it’s ear, the struggle to get the …

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