Angeline Gragasin 2011 Director’s Reel

2011 Director’s Reel from Angeline Gragasin on Vimeo.

“Angeline Gragasin’s ambitions are audacious and mad. Fortunately for everyone, she has the talent to back them up.”
– JACK TAMBURRI (Director, The Plagiarists)

“Angeline’s determination to reifying uncharted visions, coupled with a singular professionalism and spontaneous comraderie make her an invaluable collaborator.”
– BEN KOLAK (Filmmaker)

“Ms. Gragasin draws dots, then connects them with numerous collaborators at a contagiously high rate of energy.”
– NOÉ CUÉLLAR (Sound Artist / Composer)

“I have always admired Angeline’s vision and ability to articulate her complex ideas. I’ve been consistently impressed with the energy she generates around her work.”
– LESLIE DANZIG (Founding Artistic Director, 500 CLOWN)

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