To new visitors of this site, we have created this out of our love for music and emerging trends.  We started out doing this site, Rave and Remix and do to the rapid response with decided to take one of our other Word Press sites and shift the content to the music scene as well.  Mickey F, the writer who is also our editor and web publisher, has no interest in the contemporary music space, we are going out to the web and looking for fresh talent in both music and writing about music.

The backbone of what we do is SEO / SEM , and everything comes from that.
We are focused on the issue of getting found by Google in the Natural Search Space (NSO). This is the driving force behind Berkshire Web Wizards. Getting found by Google, and by default Yahoo and MSN.

We are primarily a Word Press shop as it stand right now. Why Word Press ? Word Press is the Open Source blog application of choice right now. There is more Global support of Word Press right now than any other blog platform, hands down. We also do custom CMS work using Joomla and Shopping Cart/eCommerce Solutions utilizing an Open Source application called Gallery.

Why a Blog ? The functionality of blog software in the way it is indexed by Search Engines is incredible by any standard. Regular posting using some basic guidelines of keywords gets your website/blog ranked faster and quicker than any other platform on the web.

Why Open Source ? Open Source is a rapidly growing global movement in both Operating Systems as well as Applications, both Server Based as well as Desktop. All flavors of Linux are Open Source, as well as Open Office, Word Press, Apache and MySQL. All this Software is basically free to use and redistribute, is supported Globally by thousands involved in the Open Source Community, and after the last 5 years of explosive growth, these Applications and Operating Systems are stable, mature and secure.

We use the hosting company Blue Host due to the power, ease of use and cost. Once you come on board with us, we will strive to work within your existing hosting company, but chances are pretty good that what we do is too powerful and demanding for your existing hosting company. At that point we will ask you to move over the Blue Host. You will have all access and control of this account, but we will ask you that we set up the initial account specifications. Chances are you will end up paying far less that you are with your existing hosting company, and get much more out of the bargain.