Das Pop – The Game (official music video) by emipubfrance

Das Pop can rock but they don’t make rock. They are shameless in their creation of ‘white’ power pop full of supple references to 1960s hit bands, 1970s singer/songwriters and 1980s new wave. But their music never feels retro. They combine the old with the new in a way that only makes perfect sense for a band that developed a few bar stools away from the sample mayhem of 2manyDJs.

The Game was recorded after an enforced five year break. Due to ‘the usual record company bullshit’, their third album Das Pop, which was recorded in 2004 and produced by Soulwax, did not appear until 2009. So while walking around with an unreleased masterpiece up their sleeves, Bent moved to Paris to dive into the world of fashion and art, Niek moved to Stockholm to open a studio, and Reinhard stayed in Ghent to produce such records as the highly-acclaimed Goose debut.

Of course they never expected they would have to wait so long to record a follow-up. So when in November 2009 they finally entered Niek’s studio, it was as if a cork exploded from a bottle of champagne that had been shaken for half a decade. Starting from scratch and self-producing for the first time, they recorded a song a day over four three-day sessions. They then went to New York to fine-tune the results with the legendary Stax and Ardent engineer Terry Manning, before mixing it at Manning’s Treehouse, near his legendary Compass Point Studio in the Bahamas. The cork just kept popping…

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